Schedule Tree Pruning to Cut Back Precarious Limbs

Schedule Tree Pruning to Cut Back Precarious Limbs

We'll protect your Westland or Canton, MI property from damage

Tree limbs can be incredibly useful-holding up tire swings, supporting birds' nests and shading your yard, for instance-but under certain circumstances, they can also cause a lot of damage. Regular tree pruning is the best way to protect your property and loved ones from falling branches.

Home and business owners throughout the Westland, MI area turn to Hill Top Tree Service, Inc. when they need tree pruning services. That's because:

  • We have years of experience.
  • We're knowledgeable about all kinds of pruning techniques, including directional pruning.
  • We're careful when trimming branches near your property and around power lines.

We'll take care of those dead or damaged tree limbs at your Westland or Canton, MI home or business. For a free estimate on tree pruning services, call us today at 734-729-3652.

Don't let your tree cause a power outage

Directional pruning is an effective way to cut back branches that interfere with power lines. It will also encourage the tree to grow in the desired direction. Contact Hill Top Tree Service today to schedule tree pruning services at your home or place of business.