Dealing With an Old Stump at Your Westland & Canton, MI Area Home?

Dealing With an Old Stump at Your Westland & Canton, MI Area Home?

Schedule stump grinding service and get to the root of the problem

Maybe you're tired of seeing that old stump in your yard, or maybe you're worried the kids will trip over it while playing. Perhaps the stump is taking up precious yard space and you want to plant a garden there. Hill Top Tree Service, Inc. will get rid of that old stump for good.

For a free estimate on stump grinding service in Westland or Canton, MI, call us today at 734-729-3652.

3 myths about stump grinding-BUSTED!

Many Westland, MI home and business owners aren't aware that stump grinding is the most effective way to get rid of stubborn stumps. That's because there are a lot of misconceptions about stump removal. Here are just a few:

  1. An old tree stump isn't a problem. Actually, your tree may put out new shoots unless you grind down the stump.
  2. Using chemicals is just as effective as stump grinding. Stump killers simply speed up the decay process, which can go on for months or years.
  3. Stump grinding leaves a mess. When you hire Hill Top Tree Service for stump grinding service, you can trust us to leave your yard looking better than it did before we arrived.

Schedule stump removal service today by calling 734-729-3652. We'll eliminate your stump problems once and for all.